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Your Authentic Voice,
Fully Expressed Self &
Embodied Being are Needed Now!

Specializing in embodiment & authentic expression,
Cara H. Cadwallader focuses on You experiencing more passion,
clarity & purpose as well as greater ease & grace in your personal and professional relationships via
her Emotional Fitness programming.
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FEEL & Release it

Your Rage, Grief, Pain

YES, You Can!...
Lead a vibrant life filled with a sense of belonging, and brimming with energy.
Harness greater ease and grace

in all of your relationships.
Practice & implement

Life's Power Chords.
Embody Passionate Pure Potential.


Writing & Storytelling for
Release, Understanding, Forgiveness
Imagine a vibrant, confident, sexy, connected, deeply satisfied You. What are you waiting for?!

Hi Friend, 

Are you feeling stuck within the endless to-do lists of adulthood or at a job that pays the bills but does not feed your soul?

Does the menial chores of parenthood or the stress of high, monthly bills got you down?

Do you feel miserable -
panicked with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety; distracted by social media; or bored with everyday life?


I understand. 

I have felt all of this, and more.

Are you lacking drive, motivation or inspiration? 
Do you feel unable to take forward steps towards the life you have always dreamt?

Is your grief over the loss of a loved one, or your confusion about the current state of our world,
consuming you whole?

I am here to assist those who believe in something greater than themselves and are committed to their spiritual paths  - perhaps, someone like you - in leading a more passionately fulfilling life with greater ease in all of your relationships, including with yourself and your partner, your children and other family members, along with your businesses and more.

I do this by guiding people back into their bodies through authentic movement and creative expression as well as through my unique Emotional Fitness programming. Coaching sessionshockfull of wisdom and inspiration that emphasizes your organic leadership as well as innate ability to create the resolution, evolution and forward momentum that your heart craves for yourself and those closest to you.

I am excited to learn what lights you up and moves you!

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"Dancing with Grief"

The uncertainty of life is now felt by all of us - more than ever.

We must have tools ready and available for helping ourselves drop into our deep feelings of grief, rage, pain and more - especially now when our planet feels like it is whirling in Covid, chaos and calamity, 
We don't need to have experienced the death of a loved one to know grief.
Whenever I am feeling irritable and bitchy; when I am quick to frustration and lacking in patience; and when I feel my rage boiling just below my surface; then I know I need to cry.  
When we allow our sadness to emerge and our tears to be released, it is then when we can truly move on. Here is one of my 'Dances with My Grief' - danced in a forest, outside of Olympia, Washington,
almost six months after losing my life partner to a recurrence of cancer.

Click on the Mama Caravan to read about how I have been healing my heart during this confounding year of Covid, chaos and calamity and especially after the loss of my life partner, the father of my young son.


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