(This peace is continued from Love After Loss: Beecoming Whole) Today, my heart breaks to see the extreme isolationism that our world culture is being pushed towards.

We aren’t meant to be alone.
We came here to thrive - together.
We need each other. Yet, even here in this blissful bubble, on these mountain hills of a southern Ecuador town, way too many people are choosing a solitary life lived alone and primarily within the untouchable confines of their own minds. Atolls of false security, fantasy keeps most of us afloat.
As does a desire to avoid dealing with our pain,
which is something that only Love illuminates within us. So, we keep running away from each other, claiming “pickiness” and a desire to be alone.

We aren’t picky. And we aren’t meant to be alone.
We are afraid. But we didn’t come here to live in fear.
We came here to be joy-filled, sovereign, alive and vibrant. I share all of this because I understand the journey of fearing love, and also because I know I am not alone.

I share all of this with hopes of inspiring others - perhaps, someone like you - to expand beyond your comfort zone and to invite more people into your life, to see and know you. It is the only way we will heal, and thrive.

As well, I write this because,
I now know LOVE and I am inviting you to know it for yourself. It’s the only way we are going to survive in the times to come.

And it’s the only thing that we take with us when death comes for each of us. Because death does come. Thus, the question beecomes,
how do you want to LIVE?!

In Love?
Or with the absence of it?

I know what I will choose,
over and over again.

Even as I lose.
Even as I am rejected.
Even as I am hated, and reviled.

Even as my heart is broken into a million pieces.

It’s the only way the light gets in. Join Me.
(I double dog dare ya.) (Wanna see me dancing to the above song and showing how you can embody the vibration of Love?
Then, go here. >> )