TMC Tour #1: Up the west coast & into the PNW.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

--Chinese proverb

June ~ September, 2020 Our maiden voyage, this was the journey that I had been excitedly planning with Burt years before. All along the way, there was comfort in knowing that I was doing the thing that he and I had talked about doing together.

San Diego County, California >> Santa Monica, Los Angeles >> San Francisco >> Fairfax/Lagunitas, Marin County, California >> Sebastopol, Sonoma County >> Sacramento >> Shasta County, California >> Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon >> Bend, Oregon >> Sisters, Oregon >> Eugene, Oregon >> Portland, Oregon >> Olympia/Kamilche, Washington >>

Pt. Townsend/Ft.Worden, Washington >>

San Juan Islands, Washington (San Juan & Lopez Island) >> Lolo Creek & Missoula, Montana >>

(1 night in Utah) hOMe. (San Diego County) SD >> SJI 1361.6 miles, 22 hours 34 minutes SJI >>MT 573.3 miles, 10 hours 28 minutes MT >> SD 1271.7 miles, 18 hours 6 minutes TOTAL 3,206.6 miles, 51.8 hours


  • Tending to my nervous system by bathing in refreshing lakes and fresh, mountain water often.

  • Reconnecting with my soul sister Jenelle, as well as her sister Jolana, at Jolana's family compound in Lagunitas. Staying for 3 weeks and having my own dance floor in a granny flat that looked out on the rolling hills of Marin County there.

  • Meeting up with our group of Mama Caravaners to celebrate summer solstice (and Rose's 3rd birthday) at a park in Marin County.

  • Reconnecting with Benji & Mama Kimberly on SHASTA MOUNTAIN.

  • Sharing my old stomping grounds of the Bay Area + Sonoma State with Cee.

  • Introducing Cee to the Redwoods (big trees!) and a natural hot springs at Umpqua.

  • Meeting Mama and fellow traveler, Alex, whose six-year-old daughter Cee connected with while we were at an outdoor Ecstatic Dance session at a farm in Bend, Oregon.

  • Choosing to travel together with Alex and Reya to Eugene, Oregon over the following week as well as meeting up later outside of Olympia, Washington.

  • Visiting T, from Goddard, in Sisters, Oregon.

  • Blueberry picking and staying on the McKenzie River at Alex's friend's cabin outside of Eugene.

  • Visiting a very pregnant Aunt Jenn & Uncle Paul at their new pad in Portland, Oregon.

  • Visiting Vila & Levi there too.

  • Spending 3 weeks at PURR, Prancing Unicorn Resort & Recreation outside of Olympia, Washington and enjoying the Redwood Forest as well as ample dance floor there.

  • Riding bikes around Ft. Worden in Pt. Townsend, Washington with Cee, which is another old, stomping grounds of mine as I completed a Masters in Fine Arts degree program (with Goddard College out of Ft. Worden) in 2009.

  • Having Mama Dana, Papa Dan and Donovan meetup with us at PURR and traveling to the Hoh Rainforest together.

  • Riding the ferry to the San Juan Islands with Mama Dana and Donovan where we primarily stayed outside of the home of Memes & Joran. We spied Orcas in the wild for the first time ever here, as well as visited with Nikyta on Lopez Island. Burt also made it clear from the other side that he was never coming back and it was time to venture into the unknown now without him.

  • I chose to head east to Montana since I had wanted to visit this state since first attempting to read Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

  • Driving up and over Highway 20 the North Cascades highway was thrilling and gorgeous!

  • Camping outside of Missoula, Montana at Lolo Creek Campground where we woke up to an early, September snow on our van and the ground before we headed into town.

  • Putting close to 50 miles on our bicycles as Cee and I rode around the city of Missoula while we waited for our van's engine to be serviced (just after Labor Day!)

  • Heading hOMe to celebrate what would be Burt's #53 by releasing his ashes to the sea.

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