"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." --Seneca

Touchdown USA: South Miami Beach, June 2021


My life partner died from a recurrence of liver cancer, leaving me as a lone parent to our 5-year old child just before our seemingly stable world exploded into a global pandemic.

Over the past year and a half, I have been left to navigate this confounding new world of quarantines, masking, social distancing and even greater division (in some places…) alone. :(

To maintain my sanity, I bought a van - our 'Caravan' - in the late spring of 2020 and set off on the roadschooling adventure that my partner and I had previously fantasized about doing together.

He was very happy to return to our "caravan" life.

Today, my son Cee & I have thus far survived Covid. We even returned to the South American land where the love of my life took his final breaths in order to honor the one-year anniversary of his death. Now, we are rolling across the USA on a National Parks tour.

You can read more about our 2020 USA road school tours up the west coast and into the Pacific Northwest here and through the southwest to the southeast here. Or, if you want to read more about our worldschooling experiences, then go here.

I share my writing on this journey of healing my son's and my hearts from the greatest loss of our life here, because 1.) Writing has long been a practice of mine, and especially one I use in my ongoing (and deeply personal) therapeutic healing recovery and 2.) I believe that my intimate dance with death is important to share, especially within a culture that fears - and has forgotten how to revere - death. As well, universal themes play out in all of our lives thereby connecting us as a ‘collective consciousness.’ It is my belief that everyone living on Earth today is 100% affected by the global patterns that have been in play around our planet over the last thousands of years. In order to heal ourselves individually we can - and, we must - acknowledge how our global culture affects each of us individually. My trauma is relatable because most of us humans know trauma. Trauma is the legacy that we have inherited. So, what do we do with this trauma - heal it, or continue to hand it down?

I am committed to healing myself so that I may show up as the present and unconditionally loving mother that my child deserves, and of which I never had. In the process, I am healing my inner child as I learn how to parent myself. How I have chosen to deal with the fallout of my trauma however is my own unique path - another reason why I share my writing here.

May we inspire each other towards greater heights, and may we each feel encouraged, as well as secure enough, to dive below the surfaces of our comfort and into the unchartered waters of our individual, and collective, pain. For this is truly the place where the global transformation that many of us seek lay.

To healing & beeyond,

Cara xoxo

My partner Burt was a master teacher at keepin' life light.

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