EMBODY the Vibration of LOVE

Here is just one way it can look to embody the vibration of LOVE.

Sometimes, I use music to help me touch that which cannot be spoken, or named. This song, Love is the Strongest Medicine I Know by Kevin Paris, really touches a chord within me. I hope you will allow yourself to be touched, whether that bee by music, media or another. As well, give yourself permission to make sound, be heard and sing. It feels good. I am the absolute dorkiest, most vulnerable person on a dance floor. When I allow myself to just let go and release - expression, sound, movement, etc. - then I remember that JOY and INNOCENCE are our birthright here. JOIN ME!!!!!!!

The playlist for EMBODYING THE MEDICINE of the OX & CELEBRATING LOVE is FREAKIN' GROOVY. Click here for the invite to our first, FREE, 4th Sunday, ONLINE & CONNECTED DANCE EXPERIENCE. BEE THERE. xoxo

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