Ready to go for it?

The "Own Your Voice" Live Coaching Program

Are you ready to Uncover the
Sexy, Alive & Juicy Woman 

that You Are?


You have arrived.


The world needs your voice.
Speak Up, Feel Supported & Be Cherished.


Dear Mama Sister Friend,

This is the day you stop stressing and you start basking in Support, Pleasure & Radical Self Care.

How would you like to feel as though you have all the time in the world for everything you need, without fear or guilt about what others are expecting of you? 

Raising a family while being true to yourself – and your needs – is really hard. As women, we were raised to take care of everyone else first. We have also been trained to do it all, without complaint. 

I’m here to help you own your voice so that tending to your own needs first becomes a well used muscle! As a passionate, life-long educator and mother to a three-year-old, I am here to tell you that it is possible.

Let’s talk about YOU first, though.

You are ready to live the life of your dreams!

You are passionate about living life to the fullest!

You are committed to the highest health & wellbeing for yourself & your family but you feel overwhelmed about where to begin.

You’re well versed in popular vernacular – like meditation and consciousness, attachment parenting & minimalism, etc - but you still feel like time is slipping out of your hands and as though life is a fast moving carnival ride that you are barely hanging on for.

Join me in Goddess corner as we take a deep breath and gain clarity on what you need in order to transform yourself from stressed out to deeply supported!

You got this! Let’s Go!!!!

Lately, have you been feeling:

  • AFRAID: Like there isn’t enough time or money to do everything you need to do? Do you fear upsetting others, or rocking the boat? Are you afraid of rejection and someone saying “No” to your requests? Do you fear failure, or repeating past mistakes? Perhaps, you have a voice inside of you that keeps repeating the mantra, “No one cares” and “No one else will do it.”
  • STRESSED OUT: Are you tired and exhausted? Do you feel bored and mentally checked out? Are you impatient, and short-fused, frustrated and/or angry?
  • RESENTFUL: Is your husband/partner physically and/or emotionally absent? Are your own needs going unmet? Are you trying to do it all, yet all you end up feeling is alone and unhappy?
  • ASHAMED: Do you feel you embarrassed about not being able to identify your needs? Are you feeling guilty about your anger,  and how you can lash out... OR, are you needing an outlet for your suppressed feelings? Are you embarrassed to ask for help?

TRANSFORM Your Home, and your Relationships, from Chaos to COOPERATION, COMMUNICATION, CLARITY & HARMONY!

You can LEAD A LIFE OF PLEASURE! It is possible.

Are you ready to feel?


You are doing less but still having your needs met. You’re surrendering more because you are also delegating and prioritizing. You are trusting that it will all get done.


You are asking for the help you need, and receiving it. You are clear in your communication as well as in expressing and holding boundaries and reasonable expectations for yourself and others.


You understand the role of Sacred Anger, as well as all emotions. You have the tools to move through and express these as they arise. And, you also have grounding practices for when you feel stuck. You are embodying respect and honor.


You are spacious – you have all the time in the world for everything you need and want to do. You model radiance and self care!


"Having a family required me to make major changes in how I care for myself, as well as others. This shift can be painful, confusing, and lonely, and it was one of the hardest times of my life.

But Cara co-created with me a “Rebirth of Myself as Mama” that, today, provides myself - as well as those most intimately around me - with feelings of Support, Empowerment, and Fierce Love.

Cara offered a safe space for me to explore my deeper truths, and to look at my old patterns and habits, so that I could access and move through stuck energy blockages in my body, as well as in my being.

She encouraged me to speak from my heart, to find my Voice, and to envision and create the life I REALLY want. Working with her helped me to reconnect to the parts of myself that are Rich, Raw, Juicy, Embodied, and Feminine.

Cara reminded me to love myself and to trust the process; she is a deep, fertile container.”

Rebecka Blake, MSN, RN

"I am so grateful for Cara's guidance - for how she reminded me of the gentle and precise tools I can use use in order to get what I need so that I can truly be the mom I want to be.”

Gema Almilli, San Diego, CA.

Who am I

& why did I create the

"Own Your Voice, Mama!" Live Training?

I'm Cara H. Cadwallader, an Embodied Empowerment Coach & Mother who is living her dreams by co-creating a community homestead in Encinitas, California with my partner.

My mission now is to empower other mamas, perhaps like you, with the confidence and tools to live your dreams!

Life wasn't always like this, though. I spent most of my early adult life struggling to feel confident and in control. The weight of my most primary foundation - where mental health disease, neglect, abuse and addiction were normalized - was heavy baggage that I spent too long lugging around. Still, I was committed to embodying some of life's most important tools, like empathy, compassion & vulnerability - things that were never modeled for me growing up. I had to learn how to communicate with others so that they feel seen and heard, and I also had to figure out how listen to my own heart in order to voice my needs. After finally choosing an emotionally available man, I became pregnant at 37. The rite of passage that is Motherhood has been transformative.

Prior to launching my "Own Your Voice, Mama!" Live Training, I...

  • traveled the world. My experiences, especially in Zimbabwe, Africa, opened my eyes to what gentle parenting really looks like and why attachment parenting is essential.
  • have twenty years experience in working with children of all ages: from teacher to coach, I have always been committed to the highest welfare of all children.
  • earned a Master's Degree in the Fine Arts and have spent time training in the Expressive Arts & Ecotherapy, as well as in women's leadership and more.
  • passionately advocated for organic farming and San Diego's local sustainability movement.
  • have spent 30 years dancing. I have always trusted my Body Mind to get me where I am headed. I do not use clocks or alarms but I can wake up whenever I need to & I usually know what time it is. I always remember where I parked my car. I rely on my Dreamtime and my Intuitive gut knowing to guide me on my life path.
  • turned towards women's health after the birth of my son. For the past two years, I have assisted women in creating successful postpartum periods for theirselves. I also ran a cooperative for mamas & babes out of my home as well as launched a Ritualizing Loss Course after guiding myself through my own pregnancy loss.