I know LIFE.

Only 44 years of age, and I live, fully, to my heart's content.

Creating spaces, like the Prosperity Hive in San Diego's East Village, where people came together to dance, sing and celebrate moments. As well as, Mama's (& Papa's) Cooperative Encinitas, home of the Little Sprouts Learning Garden, where families would regularly gather to meet their needs for in-person connection as well as meaningful conversations.

As an event producer, I am known to foster experiences that promote diversity, warmth and joy.

published author, my work can be found in places like Resilience Magazine, Esperanza Journal, Wild Woman Rising, Elephant Journal,  medium.com, Vision and Radiance Magazines and more.

A local entrepreneur, I have been profiled in the San Diego Union Tribune and, more recently, in Shoutout SoCal. 

I serve my community well by: acting as Vice President on the Board of Directors for Roots San Diego Sustainable Food Project; serving on the advisory board of Tree of Life Birth Center; and volunteering for social change organizations like Shakti Rising and the Jenna Druck Foundation.

For over a decade, I have been a core member, and sometimes producer, of our free-form San Diego dance communities, including San Diego DanceJam!, Ecstatic Dance San Diego and Dance Church Encinitas.

I have traveled extensively. Climbing mountains in New Zealand, teaching gymnastics in Switzerland, leading children on outdoor adventures in France, and dancing in a mud and grass thatch roof hut in a village in Zimbabwe.


When I became an older mother to a newborn in 2014, I turned my educator's gaze towards women's health and well being. In response to areas that I felt were lacking (at that time), I created programs to help support my friends and other women in: thriving during their postpartum periods; creating rituals for healing after miscarriage and other loss; and in co-creating a cooperative preschool in my backyard.

After my partner received remission from a 4th stage cancer in 2019, my little family and I began a "worldschool" adventure. We created unforgettable memories as we lived in a worldschooling village on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, bused it through Belize, and then into Guatemala where we spent a few weeks on the banks of Lake Atitlan. Utimately, we landed in southern Ecuador to thrive for six months where my spouse, as well as my son's father, passed away on January 31, 2020.

During this confounding year of my little family's greatest personal loss plus Covid, chaos and calamity across the USA and planet Earth, my son and I have been on our newest adventure of "
roadschooling." From May - November 2020, we traveled and camped our way across the contiguous United States in our "Mama Caravan." You can read about our experiences via our Mama Caravan blog.

I am also someone who knows LOSS intimately.

Like miscarriages and the cancer that brought with it the loss of my life partner and best friend. Emotional Fitness is the legacy that my partner, Burt Lo. You can learn more about him at burtiful.com.

I know the loss of innocence through early childhood trauma; 
the loss of confidence through co-dependence;
and the loss of vulnerability through physical and emotional abuse. 

I also know the loss of not having a family of origin to lean into.

By embodying permission, I feel it all. 
My authentic power and joy as well as my rage and fear and, also, my deep upwelling of grief.

However, I also know reclamation and healing. 

Once upon a time, I never thought that I would be so successful at relationships and love. 
here I am. 
Because all along, I followed my heart, and passion.

Let's "LIVE OUR PASSION" together.
Enroll now and let's get you and your family THRIVING.


I know that relationship is everything.

Eg, My relationship to the Earth is primary as it first gives form to my body.
From the Earth comes weight and mass. The rotation of our planet around itself - and the sun - makes for our experience of gravitational force. I experience being both pulled down towards the Earth as well as pressing my feet and legs into it so as to move around it.

With my body, I push against the ground in order to rise up and move quicker through the air. I can experience velocity and speed here which then expands my experience of relationship - now, with the element of air. As I move quicker through space and time, I can feel wind and molecules caressing the skin of my cheeks, arms or legs.

A teacher of Contact Dance Improvisation for the past decade +, I begin my classes by honoring
the trifecta of Relationship:

  •  Earth

  • Self  

  • Others.

My relationship with my body is integral to my movement on planet Earth.

Once I am connected to my sense of center within and upon only then do I turn my direction and gaze outwards, towards others. 

My work promotes and inspires authentic relating and relationships.

I am here to help you move from feelings of malcontent, dissatisfaction, misery and stuck-ness 
to passionate, juicy aliveness in all arenas of your life.

We do this two ways – first, we work with the triad of Relationship.
Second, we use the language of the dance towards harnessing greater Emotional Fitness.

As important as physical health is to living a vibrant, optimal life, our emotional bodies have everything to do with the way we move through the world, with our relationship to ourselves, and to others.

An emotionally fit person is able to do extraordinary things with their lives,
because they’re capable of a full range of emotions, and they have the capacity to experience life to its fullest. (Including looking and feeling vibrant, sexy, loving, strong, grounded, confident, vital, prepared, self possessed & more.)

Emotional Fitness uses our bodies and our voices to explore all of our e-motions, so that we can:
identify what we are feeling; communicate our needs and desires; and 
embody the P state of authentic Power, Pure Potential & Positive energy.

I have been following the unique rhythm of my own heart my whole life.
For the past 20 years, I have been exploring embodiment including by studying and teaching dance and dance philosophy at U.S. universities and in my hometown of San Diego.

The past decade was filled with a deeper dive into greater intimacy with myself and others.
As a result, I now vibrate within a tight-knit clan of over three dozen people - none of whom I am related to,
and any of whom I can call up anytime to vulnerably share about my life, or to ask for help. 

I am excited to share with you my 'How.'

As a dancer, 


at your service

©2020 by Cara H Cadwallader.