Primitive Camping: What is it & how?

Primitive camping is simply camping somewhere where there are no amenities. It's like off-grid living. You roll up, and there ya are. My preference - especially as a single woman and a lone Mother to a young child - it to camp in established campgrounds where there is a campsite host nearby.

However, in driving

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA I am sitting on the bank of the Tennessee Rive just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Leaving the still humid south, where hungry, small mosquitoes found in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward feasted on mine & my son’s blood in and the streets of Biloxi, Mississippi were littered with Oak tree parts had been blown over or torn off by Hurricane Zeta, I felt elated at needing to grab blankets - a colorful, Alpaca blanket from Ecuador along with my weighted blanket - to place on top of our double-wide sleeping bag. Currently, my cold hands find it difficult to type this as I recline on a plastic, Adirondack chair, perched beside a fire ring. I welcome the significant drop in temperature, as my eyes devour the sight of a forest floor covered in fall leaves of oak, pine

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