Finding & Buying Your Own Caravan: Manifesting Your Perfect Ride

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

y story of buying the van – so empowering! “You’re a boss!” Panda said. Exercise:

Close your eyes, and tune in with your breath. Feel your chest rise and your belly contract. Then, imagine yourself on the road with your family. See yourselves sleeping, eating, doing your work and playing. Go on, do it. What do you see? Do you see a large RV with fold out walls? Do you see a trailer pulled on the back of your vehicle? Maybe, you see a van with a pop top? Or, perhaps, you envision your car carrying a platform with a large, pop-out tent on top of it? Are you camping outside? Or sleeping inside? Go ahead and do some online research for these types of caravans. Allow what you find to influence your daydreaming. Talk with your family, partner and/or kid(s) about what their visions are. Heartstorm together. Begin with listing all of your needs, wants and dreams. Then, separate your list out into: PRUDENT/NECESSARY WISHES/IDEALs You will have to make some agreements & compromises on what is utilitarian and what is fantastical. Draw a picture together of your future caravan. You can draw your ideal caravan just be sure to include all of your necessities within your vision.

You can also make a vision board with images of what you need and want cut out from magazines, books, online prints, etc.

Set the dates for: when you will have the money to buy your van when you will start looking/buy your van when you will head out on your first, very own family caravan!

Write all of this on your picture/vision board. Include the range of pricing that you would be willing to pay for your caravan. Some other questions to guide you: What do you need for you and everyone else to sleep comfortably? Where and how is everyone sleeping? What do you need to have in order to make this happen? Where are you cooking and doing the dishes? Inside or outside? What do you need to have? I.e. An in or outdoor kitchen table and sink? A bucket for capturing water and doing dishes; an outdoor shelter/overhand; What toys are your children playing with? What toys and tools would you want to bring so that you can all enjoy life together?

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